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Facebooks mobilannonser + iPhone Passbook mobile pass

Har ditt företag en fysisk plats och arbetar med kampanjer såsom kuponger, rabatter och freebies för att aktivera konsumenterna point-of-sale? kan denna nya typ av kampanj där man kombinerar Facebook annonser med direkta mobila nedladdningar vara precis det rätta för din nästa marknadsföringskampanj! Marknadsför din kupong i en Facebook-annons och få varje klick på annonsen sparad i iPhone.

68% av svenskarna i åldern 18-65 använder en smart telefon; 84% en mobiltelefon med tillgång till internet. Som Facebook marknadsföring specialister, ser vi att trenden i hur människor använder Facebook: Nästan alla svenskar använder Facebook via både en dator och en mobil, men den primära enheten för majoriteten av konsumenter är smarta telefoner! Så, låt oss kombinera Facebooks stora räckvidd för mobiltelefoner och deras stora format för mobilannonser med möjligheten för konsumenterna att spara mobile pass direkt i iPhonen:
Kuponger, gratisprodukter, produktprover och rabatter sparade i iPhonens Passbook har konsumenten alltid med sig, och framför allt: När de närmar sig butiken blir de påminda via en notifikation att det är dags lösa in den!

Kolla in detta plus mycket mer genom att besöka Skandnet Internet Media på deras hemsida!


I slutet av förra året släppte Facebook en call-to-action-knapp för Facebook-sidor. Då fanns den bara för sidor från USA, men nu har den även dykt upp på svenska sidor. Knappen ligger i sidans cover photo och det går att välja mellan flera olika uppmaningar som till exempel boka nu, köp nu, gå med och kontakta oss.

Har knappen dykt upp på er Facebook-sida ännu?


How do I make my Facebook application?

They have said all along that it’s easy to make a Facebook app!

But I’m not sure whether to believe what they say or seek answers elsewhere! Or rather, I was not sure about it until I by chance happened to read an article about a site offering its users a so-called app generator! This program, which by the way is called ClickAppy has everything you need to create your Facebook application or promotions on the easiest possible way and at a price that is amazing! As they mention themselves on their site, it costs no more than a cup of coffee to sign and use ClickAppy per month! Do you think that this sounds good? Then I suggest, that you take your time and do what I did and visit their site, see for yourselves how easy and practical this application for facebook generator is! I assure you that a visit to their website will lead to the creation of your first application facebook. I just have one thing to add, to create an account with ClickAppy and make applications facebook or promotions costs nothing! Therefore, you can calmly create a Facebook app and then if you are satisfied, choose to publish it! I don’t know if you going to like it, but I must say that I love ClickAppy already! 😀





Applications for you and me on Facebook

This to make apps, I thought it was one of those difficult tasks one could have! But after visiting a few blogs and receiving information on various sites containing software for this purpose, I noted that there are much easier ways to take than to complicate things for themselves! During my surfing I found a program that is simplicity itself and it costs almost nothing to use! A program called ClickAppy which contains many templates to them various applications to facilitate app creation for us normal users! Just visit their site and get an idea of how easy it can be to make those apps! To give you a reference point I suggest that you read a few blogs with content that can be very helpful when choosing to use a program for this purpose! A blog with good info is Facebook app which has the right links to the program I mentioned earlier! A blog which one can use to make Facebook applications and promotions in addition to the same links also contains lots of useful text that deals with the interesting questions in more detailed way! You can always turn to ClickAppys website for information and also try to do some “applications for Facebook” before you decide to do it for real, because it is completely free to use ClickAppy!


Strategies for Increasing Facebook Page Likes

Anyone can make their Facebook page if they want, but you will need to think a little out of the box if you want traffic and “likes.” You can verify that number of fan pages at just over three million, so that really is not a lot but you still have to put some effort in to grab the attention of your audience. Are you aware of any strategies for amassing more likes for your FB fan page? If you want likes, then check out these cool tips for getting more people to like what you have.

Run some Facebook Contests! How? Check this site:

If you’re running a blog or a content site targeted towards your niche, you have the opportunity to boost your Facebook Page Likes by publishing epic content that people like and share. If you do not have ‘like’ icons so people can quickly hit them, then by all means get them on your site. When you create content that’s worth spreading around, it will most definitely go viral, and this will considerably help you create targeted flow of traffic to your blog, some of which will hopefully turn into Facebook Fans for your Page. There will never be any end to the hunger for information, and so that is all you need to keep doing.

You have probably heard of Fiverr, so you know you can outsource your work for just $5 per task. The sort of no-brainer tactic employed at Fiverr is getting fake Likes, but they are only fake in the sense they are not from your target audience. It basically works like this: You pay them five bucks, and they recommend you to 5,000 of their friends – that’s all it takes. You will have to make this person the admin of your page so that they can suggest your page to their friends. Since you will have to give them admin rights, we strongly suggest you only go with proven Fiverr sellers.

We cannot guarantee or promise you anything, so read over the feedback and see what you discover.

One easy and effective way to attract more people to Like your page is to use an attractive profile picture. Like they say, a picture says a thousand words, so if you want to effectively optimize your Facebook page make it larger than life. Be sure to avoid using smaller pictures for your profile. Take all the size you need, and they give you 200 x 600 pixels.

If you want more Facebook likes, then you have a good idea that some work is required to make it happen. Many people do struggle to get targeted Likes to their page, but it’s only because they aren’t taking any consistent action to make things happen. It is just like what many experienced business people always say, you have to promote your business every day.


To App or not to App!

Making a Facebook app is most commonly associated with people who have dealt with this once or twice in computer science! I have noted that in recent years many others have come to create Facebook app which had no knowledge either in programming or something like that! I think this has to do with the fact that nowadays there are quite a few so-called Facebook app generators, that in turn has facilitated the creation of Facebook apps! Anyway, I decided also to make a Facebook app using one of these generators of Facebook app! To my surprise, I found that these Facebook App makers costs a lot to use! It was a close call that I would forget the idea totally and hire someone else to do it for me, but suddenly at the last minute I found a program that apparently I had missed during my search in the internet and the program that I fined is called ClickAppy! I just have to tell you that this program will revolutionize the Facebook app creation! If you don’t believe me, you must try it and then visit this page and write what you think about this amazing Facebook app manufacturer! Through this program you will be able to create almost any type of app to your Facebook page! So what are you waiting for? Start now and make your Facebook app for free! It’s true, at present it is totally free to use this Facebook app generator! And listen to this, later it will cost only $ 2.99 a month to run this program! So it’s all right, continue until you are completely satisfied! 😀