Silly useless fun apps we like

Here you will find apps that don’t really fit in the main sections but they are somewhat fun and silly and we all need a silly app now and then.


anything-o-meter2 anything-o-meter

Trick your friends and colleagues with this measure apparatus. You simply write whatever you want to measure then you manipulate the outcome with a slight touch anywhere on the screen and the gauge will slowly move in that direction. This is easily done without anyone noticing your input. Also plus for cool graphics.



Super stupid and a little fun. A while ago PocketHeat was just that, a pocket heater. You wonder how? Well if got an app that throw a lot of random calculations at the cpu to a degree that it’s maxed out combine that with full load on the accelerometer and voila you got a warm iPhone for your frozen fingers in your pocket. Oh happy joy – not really. See this is not good for your phone. Running warm and soaking the battery at record speed is not how Apple want you to treat your phone. The story should end here but not so. You can now for 99 cent buy a PocketHeater  that simulates a heater with a nice picture and all without any warmth. It’s endlessly stupid and we actually don’t like this app at all…

Hold on!

How long can I hold a finger on the display you might wonder? Yes now you can find out by using the awesome app “Hold on”. That’s what it do, nothing else just that. You put your finger on the screen and it starts counting. Yep that’s it. There is of course a  scoreboard for you to send your score to when you feel you have been holding your finger on your smartphone just long enough.!/id284963359?mt=8

Thermal Vision
ThermalVision thermalvision1
Want to get some of that sweet superior Predator feel? So it’s alien technology with Thermal Vision in my iPhone. This is all nonsense you may think and it is. Pure bogus app. But it gives you some kind of nice thermal-ish filtered picture to look at. And it is a bit Predator, hence cool.