Monthly Archive November 20, 2014


How do I make my Facebook application?

They have said all along that it’s easy to make a Facebook app!

But I’m not sure whether to believe what they say or seek answers elsewhere! Or rather, I was not sure about it until I by chance happened to read an article about a site offering its users a so-called app generator! This program, which by the way is called ClickAppy has everything you need to create your Facebook application or promotions on the easiest possible way and at a price that is amazing! As they mention themselves on their site, it costs no more than a cup of coffee to sign and use ClickAppy per month! Do you think that this sounds good? Then I suggest, that you take your time and do what I did and visit their site, see for yourselves how easy and practical this application for facebook generator is! I assure you that a visit to their website will lead to the creation of your first application facebook. I just have one thing to add, to create an account with ClickAppy and make applications facebook or promotions costs nothing! Therefore, you can calmly create a Facebook app and then if you are satisfied, choose to publish it! I don’t know if you going to like it, but I must say that I love ClickAppy already! 😀