Yearly Archive November 20, 2014


How do I make my Facebook application?

They have said all along that it’s easy to make a Facebook app!

But I’m not sure whether to believe what they say or seek answers elsewhere! Or rather, I was not sure about it until I by chance happened to read an article about a site offering its users a so-called app generator! This program, which by the way is called ClickAppy has everything you need to create your Facebook application or promotions on the easiest possible way and at a price that is amazing! As they mention themselves on their site, it costs no more than a cup of coffee to sign and use ClickAppy per month! Do you think that this sounds good? Then I suggest, that you take your time and do what I did and visit their site, see for yourselves how easy and practical this application for facebook generator is! I assure you that a visit to their website will lead to the creation of your first application facebook. I just have one thing to add, to create an account with ClickAppy and make applications facebook or promotions costs nothing! Therefore, you can calmly create a Facebook app and then if you are satisfied, choose to publish it! I don’t know if you going to like it, but I must say that I love ClickAppy already! 😀





Applications for you and me on Facebook

This to make apps, I thought it was one of those difficult tasks one could have! But after visiting a few blogs and receiving information on various sites containing software for this purpose, I noted that there are much easier ways to take than to complicate things for themselves! During my surfing I found a program that is simplicity itself and it costs almost nothing to use! A program called ClickAppy which contains many templates to them various applications to facilitate app creation for us normal users! Just visit their site and get an idea of how easy it can be to make those apps! To give you a reference point I suggest that you read a few blogs with content that can be very helpful when choosing to use a program for this purpose! A blog with good info is Facebook app which has the right links to the program I mentioned earlier! A blog which one can use to make Facebook applications and promotions in addition to the same links also contains lots of useful text that deals with the interesting questions in more detailed way! You can always turn to ClickAppys website for information and also try to do some “applications for Facebook” before you decide to do it for real, because it is completely free to use ClickAppy!